Integrate Arts Festival

AUGUST 25TH - 27TH, 2017


Anouk Jonker

Born in 1989 in Uithoorn, the Netherlands, Anouk became interested in art when she started practicing portraiture in high school. She received her BFA in 2011 from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and has since continued to develop her studio practice. She has tried to combine her passions for art and travel, participating in studio residency in Paris at 59 Rivoli and a year-long residency in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Jonker’s paintings have been exhibited internationally in countries such as Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

The imagery she uses in her art is influenced by her European upbringing in a rural Canadian landscape. Her current body of work explores the physicality of paint and the duality between abstract and representational art.


Amy CRipps

Amy Cripps received her BFA, drawing major, from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2002 and has since lived and maintained a studio practice in Victoria, BC. While her works are mostly paint on canvas or board, Amy thinks of her process in drawing terms rather than painting. Drawing from modern elements of abstraction and combining spatial constellations from life, she weaves a narrative into a traditionally formal process. Process itself is also a major focus in Amy’s work by using and celebrating mixed materials such as paint, paper, found collage elements and drawing tools. Each work is an investigation of relationships between colour, line, implied space, contrast & balance, texture, movement, and visual mapping. More recently, Amy has also been interested in crochet and weaving practices and experimenting with adding pattern as an additional layer in her two dimensional work. By translating a traditionally feminine practice into her drawing process, Amy is seeking to represent both her personal regard for history & craft while challenging the interpretive barriers of working in an abstract expressionist style.

Amy will be at Market Square doing a live demo from 12-2PM on Sunday August 30th!


Andrea Soos

Andrea Soos is a mixed media artist and art educator.  After graduating from the University of Victoria with a BFA in Fine Arts, Andrea began a career in community building through teaching art classes, workshops and hosting creative retreats.  Andrea has shared her passion of art with students of all ages.  Currently teaching at her own studio, Poppet, Andrea has been lucky enough to continuously evolve styles, mediums, and techniques while maintaining a process based practice.



Bryan Wilson

What I consider important is the content I’m trying to transfer to the page, I’m not
trying to make statements or change peoples minds, I just draw what I like, and I hope
people get some joy or wonderment from it. I like seeing how each piece gets a
response, it is always surprising to me, I never know what will trigger someone, everyone reacts in their own way. Currently I am drawing places, places I’ve been, places that are important to me, my immediate area, a place that I think may inspire people, and I always like to draw fish. My work isn’t about fancy media or material, its just ink on paper, simple and effective, although I’m picky about my pen choice. I like bold, simple colours, not a giant palate to play with, narrows down decisions in a hurry, and has helped in shaping my style. Ink has such a solid look, so I don’t shade objects although I draw the shadow, using different colours or just black ink, to enhance the perspective of an object. Perspective has become an important tool for me and my trade as a sheet metal worker has helped by teaching me how to do an isometric style of drafting with which I like to tinker with in my work. The only actual schooling I’ve had is high school art class, not much for the resume but i had a great art teacher, Connie Osgood. I wasn’t great at attending any class but she had her own way of making any student “want” to attend. After using her influence on me, I quickly learned to completely like and respect her art, people, perseverance skills, and Connie herself. I started to develop my style in her class, I produced a piece of a repeating man drawn in the negative, seemed to strike a chord in me, and I have been evolving that style ever since.  



Doug Jarvis is an artist and curator living in Victoria, BC. He is a founding member of the avatar performance art group Second Front, and the Noxious Sector Art Collective. He is also a member of Open Actions, a monthly action-based performance group in Victoria. His individual and collective work explores absurdity, the paranormal, nonmaterial entities and technology as a human attribute. Projects have been presented at artist run centres, galleries, museums and festivals across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Jarvis is an active member of the Victoria arts community and sits on a variety of non-profit and artist-run centre boards.

Doug will be performing in the parking lot at Limbic Media (#2-740 Discovery Street) from 6-9PM on Saturday August 29th during the crawl!

Eric Gallipo

Eric Gallipo is an American born artist and musician who has been making collages
with scissors and tape for over 20 years. He has been distributing collages in the
self-published, DIY fanzine format for over 10 years under the name “CSTL”. The
creation process is quick and accurate, creating lines between salvaged images. 
Early inspiration for the collages came from punk rock and hard core poster
artwork created by his older brother. Later inspiration came from the artist’s
immersion in the experimental audio and harsh noise scene.  Eric lives and works in
Victoria, British Columbia. 





Francesca Vukovic is an emerging artist from Victoria, BC. She has studied at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, and is currently going into her 3rd year of a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a concentration in painting and sculpture. In much of her work she explores new ways to use and combine materials.  Her work centers around ideas of colonialism and existentialism.

Holly Pilot

Holly Pilot is a self-taught analog collage artist currently residing in Victoria. She began experimenting by cutting up images in old magazines 4 years ago and has now turned on to thoughtful doodling. Currently obsessed with eye catching neon combinations she translates her sketches into surreal graphic images using the same analog collage method but with plain coloured paper. Holly probably produces art for the same reasons as most artists; her biggest gain is using the art making process as a meditative tool to reveal parts of herself she previously did not have a hold on. Her art comes from her struggle to understand her own and others abstract thoughts on communication, relationships, and spirituality. Her recent work focuses a lot on plants, space, and the people around her; she sees this as reminders to herself to see plants and feel grounded, to remember space and the magicalness of the unknown, and to look at people and their experiences with compassion. She hopes her attempts to connect with her inner thoughts/self resonate with others because she thinks connecting with people is nice and stuff.



Justine Sawicz

Justine lives in Victoria, BC and is an avid painter, drawer and photographer. She works primarily in 35 mm film photography on a collection of cameras. Her signature method is to double expose her subject matter in an attempt to see what cannot be seen or to impose an ethereal, surreal influence on her images. She sees taking pictures as painting with light, and aims to capture the essence and feeling of her widely varying subject matter by manipulating the images soley on the camera (with little to none post digital editing). She is inspired by much of life’s processes including the decaying, the defiant, the blossoming, the crippled, shrivelled, resurrected, the impermanence of life and more.


Karina Kalvaitis

Karina Kalvaitis comes from a family of artists/creators who are always working on one project or another – being excited about creating something is her natural state. Once in art school she was drawn to sculpture as a discipline because she could learn techniques for making almost anything. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in sculpture and later studied theatre prop building at the Banff Center.  She has worked in the arts field ever since.

She now turns primarily to sculpture, drawing, and painting to express her fascination with animals and her delight in all things tiny and mysterious.

Her artwork often addresses issues of vulnerability, truth, and beauty. Recently she has been working on a series of drawings of imaginary animals. The drawings explore states of mind – the animals becoming totemic of states of lethargy, frustration, fear and other intensely felt states of mind and body.  Created using mechanical pencils and lots of deliberate erasing the sparse line work is both subtle and expressive.

A new series of sculptures – litters of imaginary animals based on these drawings - will debut in September 2015.  

Karina has shown in galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario. She has been the recipient of an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant and was a steering committee member on City of Victoria Public Art Policy Review. Karina is a finalist for the 2015 Salt Spring National Art Prize!



This lean bedroom electro-slime-hop producer and DJ duo hosts shows real musicians wont believe actually exist. First you’ll be shocked, then inspired.

Malcolm Barker

A friend once told me I am a “Renaissance man” indeed!
I am a chef, musician, designer and contemporary artist. 
I was born in Blackpool England. As a child my family moved to New Plymouth, New Zealand where I started school; then a few years later we moved to Canada where I finished my education. Upon completion of high school I entered into an apprenticeship as a chef. I also developed a love for music and I became accomplished as an entertainer and a songwriter, playing at many different venues, churches, restaurants, and pubs.  
It seemed innate within me to create and I love art in all its forms; particularly if it is a bit 
“out-of-the box”! I have an eye for something that is “just a little bit different” and that can be seen in everything I create. I have always “painted outside of the lines” in everything I have done. It is no wonder that this progression has brought me into the world of contemporary abstract art. 
My art was quickly and warmly embraced by the public from the beginning and I sold my first painting only days after it was completed. Over the years that trend has continued. Not being one to settle for the “status quo” of working in one media type, over time, I have worked in several different mediums including sculpture, digital art, collage, and currently working in (or should we say exploring) the world of acrylic and mixed media.


Meagan Musseau

Meagan Musseau is an interdisciplinary artist of French/Mi'kmaq heritage from Corner Brook, Newfoundland (K'taqmkuk). Through her art practice she examines the complexities of identity, language, and memory. By focusing on drawing as an intuitive and direct communicative act, Musseau constructs visual stories; blending pattern, image, typography and line, while exploring the harmony and contradictions of colour and form. Her visual language parallels observations of the natural, the industrial, and the technological environments. Combining this language with site-specific installation, she pushes the boundaries between solitary act and public gesture as a way to open new layers of meaning and dialogue. Musseau holds a BFA in Visual Art from Grenfell Campus Memorial University. She has attended residencies at St. Michael's Printshop, St. John's; University of Brighton, England; Columbia College Chicago Centre for Book & Paper Arts, Illinois; and was one of three to represent Newfoundland at the National Artist Program 2011 Canada Winter Games, Halifax. She has exhibited at Grenfell Art Gallery, University of Saskatoon Gallery Two, University of Brighton Gallery, JL Gallery, and is represented by the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art.

Meagan will be creating a new piece in front of the Integrate HQ on Saturday August 29th during the crawl (6-9PM). If you miss her on Saturday, you'll be able to catch her on Sunday the 30th at Market Square from 12-4PM!


MJ Bailey

From infancy, MJ Bailey has had a passion for the arts. Her love of colour
and creating has driven her to pursue a number of different artistic
outlets over the course of her lifetime. From costume making to drawing, 
painting, sculpting and beyond MJ has been on a continuous journey of
experimentation, exploration and expression. While each of the mediums
she undertook were fulfilling in their own right none seemed to truly
capture her attention until the day that she picked up a crochet hook and
fell in love with yarn and fibre. 
Initially limited to sculptural amigurumi crochet, her first few simple
creations were a gateway drug to the world of the fiber arts. Within a
year MJ launched in response to the lack of quality, free
amigurumi designs and learning resources available online. From this
platform she has published dozens of free video game and pop culture
themed patterns for anyone to use and build upon. Her designs were unique, 
intricate and detailed, appealing to a broad audience and introducing
sculptural techniques and theory to aspiring artists. Throughout, she
supported the local fibre arts community, attending a number of
conventions and fibre events to instruct and promote amigurumi crochet. 
MJ has more recently broadened her focus from amigurumi crochet to inlcude
virtually all aspects of fibre arts: knitting, spinning, yarn bombing and
most notably hand dying her own fiber. In 2012 she launched a line of
independent hand dyed yarn under the name JOMA Yarn.

MJ will be at Market Square from 12-4PM on Sunday August 30th crocheting & knitting up a storm! Bring your pre-made pieces to contribute to the community sculpture that will be shown at the Integrate HQ until September 12th!

Click here for more information on how to participate!


Rose Lemonade

Rose is a creative adventurer and fearless explorer.  She was born and raised amidst the emerald forests of Vancouver Island earning her B.F.A with honours from Uvic in 2006.  Professionally she’s worked the art sector in theatre, fashion photography, social media & surface design.  You can find her hand drawn designs on Smoking Lily gear and on Bonspiel leather handbags.

Rose’s heart lies in her fine art work. The act of painting transcends the simple act of putting pigment on canvas.  Satirical, quirky or raw, her work bids for human connection, unveils intense personal vulnerability and brash resilience.

Her self-portraits during cancer treatment have earned awards, been published and nationally exhibited.  Rose’s Cheer Project resonated with 2014 Integrate Arts viewers landing flowery language (oh my!) on kitchen walls.  Current captivation delves into water, light and mad love of Victoria.


Nina Belojevic

Nina Belojevic is a local media artist with a background in media and cultural studies. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Nina moved to BC over a decade ago. Her work combines media and cultural studies with making, playing, and creating. She is fascinated by the ways contemporary society tends to take everyday technological objects for granted. What is technology? And how do we use it? How should we use it? User-friendly interfaces ensure that we don’t have to understand how our technologies actually work, let alone how they are made. Her work begins at the physical site of these everyday interfaces—taking them apart, breaking them, or reinventing them in ways that draw attention to what’s inside the black boxes of our devices and foreground what is usually hidden. Repurposing and creating electronic pieces to draw attention to the materials they consist of, her work traces the physicality of production and manufacturing, as well as the labour and social justice issues that these seemingly banal objects are entangled with.

View a special installation by Nina at Cascadia Architects during the art crawl on Saturday August 29th from 6 to 9 PM:

Nina writes about "BodyPlay":
The technologies we encounter daily at our fingertips are increasingly taken for granted, with interfaces like invisible thresholds or extensions of our flesh that simultaneously reduce our corporeal and spiritual selves to only what we see on a screen. Our skin is rendered numb, its sensual qualities reduced to instrumental capacitive function as we spend more time touching our phones and tablets than we do touching each other. BodyPlay invites attention to the complex and shifting relationships our bodies share with our gadgets. Following the idea of FemBox, an interactive device that Theresa Slater and I presented at Lux et Voluptas 2014, BodyPlay is designed to toy with the boundaries between human bodies and technology, between the sweat and the algorithm, between the movements of flesh and computational function.


Pete Kohut

Pete Kohut is a self-taught artist currently enrolled part-time in the Visual Arts program at the University of Victoria. Over the years his drawings and paintings (oil on canvas) have moved through a series of stylistic and theoretical explorations without ever veering away from a distinctive, highly recognizable personal aesthetic that has been, perhaps, most deeply concerned with representation of the human form.  
His work has been shown in Central and Southern Vancouver Island and on the mainland in Greater Vancouver. In 2010, Kohut was a finalist in the First Annual Victoria Emerging Artist Awards and has since had solo shows in Victoria.  
He currently lives and works in Victoria, BC. 




Sarah Elizabeth's tunes can make you tear-up, sing-a-long, and bitterly laugh at life and love. She's been called whimsical and a true story teller, with a soft folk voice, ear-worm melodies, and an over-the-top love of floral print dresses.  Sarah grew up in a tiny BC town with no roads in or out, lots of rain, and - thankfully - a strong music community. She started singing when she was knee-high to a grasshopper (as her grandmother would say) and picked up a guitar and a pen and paper somewhere around university, in between Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia. After years of playing in her room, she slowly emerged to open mics in coffee shops and opening for the talents of Kaya Fraser, Karyn Ellis, Corinna Rose, and eventually sharing the stage with Fred Penner.

In 2014, she released her first EP called The Milkman's Daughter, a mix of old-time ballads, upbeat ukulele pop, and a few heartbreak songs thrown in for good measure. The album was produced by Victoria musician Tad Ruszel and features the high-calibre Island-talent of Jeff Poynter of West My Friend, Shanti Bremer of the Sweet Lowdown, and Julie Kennedy of Twin Kennedy. Since its release, it's received airplay on CBC and community stations across Canada.  2015 has been an equally busy year for Sarah with official showcases at Folk Alliance International, shows in Eastern Canada, a VIA Rail Artist on Board trip, and a line-up of festivals for the summer in BC.

TAN & Hide

Tan and Hide is fronted by Jake Winter who was born and raised on Cortes Island, B.C. Hemoved to Victoria in 2010 and has since been dedicated to his music. Winter has been playing music since he was a young child. Beginning within the piano, he found his old-school dirty blues style early on. It was during this time he discovered a passion for storytelling and expressing himself through songs. He has a family background in country music, and his soulful voice carries a dusty charm.

Last year, Jake joined forces with the heavy hitting drummer, Kevin Parks. Parks used to play in Winter’s band “The Moon Shine Gang,” and then in mid 2014 the two started recording an eight track EP in Kevin’s home studio. Shortly into the recording process, they invited Jameson Daniel to bring in some groovy bass lines to complete the sound. Daniel is also the front man for “Downtown mischief,” a local psychedelic, funk, hip-hop jazz ensemble.

The three released their first CD in January 2015 and have since been rocking shows in Victoria. Their lively but soulful music has been described as a rootsy, country-bluesy, American folk rock. The themes weave between impassioned love songs and darkly human struggles. Tan and Hide really do create a sound of their own, so prepare to let the soul and rhythm shake your soul and swing your hips.


Zahra Naeimi

Zahra Naeimi was born in Iran, an area with a 7000 years civilization and history of art. Her interest in visual art started at her childhood when she was seeing a lot of colour in persian carpets at home and some of the best compositions in historical buildings in Iran.  She has been drawing since she was a student in visual art in Iran. She applies Persian motives in combination with and in contrast to western art in her drawings. She started painting fabric patterns after receiving her textile and pattern design certificate from Mahe Mehr Institute (one of the most influential art institutes) in Tehran. She has earned her bachelor degree in visual arts and master’s degree in Graphic Design. She has participated in three group exhibitions in Tehran and has written more than 60 reports and articles about contemporary art in Tandis Magazine, one of the most influential art publications in Tehran, Iran. 

Zahra currently lives and works in Victoria, BC.