Integrate Arts Festival

AUGUST 25TH - 27TH, 2017

2016 FEatured artists

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Lisa Eckert & Kaelyn Schmitt

Both Lisa Eckert and Kaelyn Schmitt were born and raised in Victoria, both with a sense and adventure and hunger to combine dance, acrobatics, and theatre they departed to the other side of Canada to attending The National Circus School of Montreal. After both completing a 3 year degree in Circus arts and traveling the world extensively doing anything from big arena shows to small research projects, they find themselves back in their home town. Reunited in Victoria they wish to break the mold of what people would traditionally think of as "circus." 

alysha farling

Alysha Farling is a sculpture and installation based artist who creates miniature worlds from found objects and material she finds during her day to day in the places she inhabits. These worlds are inspired from the first home she lived in and the space where she used to play. For her these sculptures/installations have become reflections of her personal life acting as 3 dimensional journal entries. Farling received her art diploma from Camosun College in 2008 and then went on to Concordia University where she finished her BFA in 2013, majoring in drawing and painting. Since graduating she has been in multiple exhibitions in Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria and Argentina. She has had three solo shows and has done two residencies, the most recent being at Camosun College this past fall. She recently published a book through PDA Press titled "States of Homes" and is currently working towards a show in Vancouver at 'Untitled' art space for this coming October.

Farling thinks of herself as a story teller. The everyday collected objects, which she refers to as her "bits", hold different meanings, different memories, and placing them beside one another, they start to tell a story, and for each viewer a different story can start to unfold. 

Melanie Furtado

Melanie Furtado is a contemporary realist sculptor working out of Victoria BC. She creates lifelike portraits and figures inspired by our shared human experience -working with traditional methods and live models to bring life and spirit to clay forms.

Melanie graduated from Victoria College of Art with a Fine Arts Diploma and Certification in Mold-Making & Casting. She continues to further her expertise of the human figure through international workshops and personal research.

She shares her knowledge and passion for figurative sculpture through teaching classes and workshops- inspiring individuals to experience the creative power of clay and discover the art of truly seeing.

roy green

Call of the Wild is an immersive painting installation by Victoria artist Roy Green. Psychedelic wildlife paintings intermingle with pop-culture references and art-historical icons to create a multi-layered reservoir of painterly pleasure and visual provocation. 

Roy Green is a painter, poet and performance artist based in Victoria BC. Since graduating from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, he has exhibited his work internationally. He has received several BC Arts Council awards, a Canada Council grant and is included in many private and public collections. His floating public art project -The Bird  Boat Trio will be on the water in various locales this summer.   

erin hilchie

A love for fabric and form lead me to build soft sculptures. My work relies heavily on chosen material and process. I work instinctively; I cut, fold, pinch, and sew until a desire form emerges. These forms captivate the imagination and insist on being defined. A static piece of textile becomes a garment or creature or, what I call, a wall-hanging. Each piece balances between form and idleness, creature vs. clothing - creating successful and imaginative pieces. This thin gap between the definite and the unknown is where I like to play; the moment just before something becomes recognizable. 

Erin Hilchie is an emerging artist from Canada's west coast. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria in 2013. Between cups of tea and life with her husband she is the Gallery & Exhibits Manager
at a local art gallery. She is also pursuing a career in the visual arts. 

Karina kalvaitis

Karina Kalvaitis makes imaginary animals. In sensitively rendered graphite drawings and in mixed media soft sculptures she creates animal-like forms inhabiting worlds that are familiar yet strange. She uses animals as signifiers to get to the heart of human emotions and states of mind. In her drawing Metamorphosis, a blob-like buffalo with flippers instead of legs lies chin-down, suggestive of indolence and lack of movement. In the sculptures of the same name similar flippered buffalo have sprouted small green horns. Both the drawing and sculptures explore themes of transformation. Not the moment when we emerge changed and victorious, but that difficult time where all is being rearranged – a time of outward stillness and internal change where the outcome is unknown and unstoppable. As she explains, often her artwork conveys “a sense of emotional truth that we humans sometimes try to hide”.
Always interested in physically crafting work with a variety of materials, Karina majored in sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and later studied theatre prop building at the Banff Centre in Alberta. Karina has lived in Victoria since 1996 and works as an artist full-time. Her studio is in the eclectic Rock Bay Square building near downtown Victoria. 

Rain Lin

I am a fourth-year visual art student at University of Victoria. I was born in Taiwan, and I came Canada years ago to continue my artistic education. As an art student, I am interested in observing the differences between two cultures. I believe that space, illusion, and light plays an important role in art culture, and it also reflects on our life style. By working with different materials to create out a new illusion world in a space that people are very familiar with. I am very familiar with working with multi-media art such as projection mapping, installation, sculpture, and video. As an artist, my hope is to explore different ways to manipulate the space, and how people interact in the space. The use of projection creates a mysterious new dimension that takes the audiences out of the traditional gallery space and brings them into an unknown new world. 

sierra lundy

Salt Spring Island-born artist and musician Sierra Lundy spent two years studying fine arts before discovering a penchant for fashion design and illustration. Her designs and illustrations borrow heavily from themes in her paintings — fragmented subjects existing simultaneously on varying plains of dimension. Her artistic inspirations come from the implausible, purposelessness, incongruence of elements, and things that just straight up don't make sense.

She completed an intensive fashion design diploma program at Blanch Macdonald, resulting in her graduate collection that was showcased on the runway at the graduate fashion show "The Places In Between."

Concepts in her works (whether it be fashion designs, paintings, drawings, photographs etc.) usually sprout from questions: sometimes simple curiosities, and sometimes ridiculous ones that come with the wine — such as her wondering how the rest of her body feels about her hands being such a vital role as an artist (then she made a painting giving all her body parts a chance to paint with a brush).

eva allenby jean

Keenan Mittag-Degala is EVA ALLENBY JEAN.

EVA ALLENBY JEAN is a multi-disciplinary, genre-fluid performance art project that challenges the limitations of popular music and performance itself.

EVA ALLENBY JEAN marries a frenetic appropriation of innumerable musical landscapes with a hysterical conflation of the spoken word, hip-hop, and ballad idioms.

EVA ALLENBY JEAN embodies the individual's experience with a volatile norm and the crude existential struggles riddled therein. 

anna shkuratoff

The neighbourhood tire swing in a windstorm, a relative's white dishware on hand-embroidered cotton, and patterns of sunlight on the kitchen counter- I look slowly and with longing, and my videos are a reaction to this fixated gaze. I dissect and chop the video frame, and discreetly reassemble it, following pre-determined procedures, to play infinitely on a loop. The temporality of the video medium turns this act into a manipulation of space and time. With these manipulations, I play with technical and formal aspects of photography, film, and video, such as figure and ground, depth of field, point of view, and composition. I work with the indexical connotations of camera-based works in the way that I seize singular instances, even when the scene before the lens is purposefully contrived. Each video might seem to preserve a moment from a world that is constantly in flux. There are cracks in the illusion of the composite video all along, such as vertical breaks in a sky scape or the movement of a blade of grass exposing symmetry. By gradually laying bare the mechanics of my works, detailed looking rewards the viewer while simultaneously revealing the immateriality of video. I explore the balance between an image's construction and its representational ability while asking which is more real. The image surface can be disassembled but the subject remains depicted. If my work tells viewers that they have been deceived, they also ask how much it matters, if at all. 

Anna Shkuratoff was born in North Vancouver and grew up in Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada. She moved to Victoria in 2011. Anna works in a blend of video art and new media, in large and small scale installations. She completed a B.F.A. with a double major in Visual Art and History in Art at the University of Victoria in 2016. 

mike silk

I was born in England in 1972 before coming to Canada. I grew up on Hornby Island and have lived in Victoria for over 20 years. I am self taught and still learning.

Through my current works I hope to draw attention to the impact we have had, past and present, on the other sentients of our world, through images whimsical and surreal our places are taken by the displaced. 

shantael sleight

Upon graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2002, I continued to make art and develop my practice out of a small collective in East Calgary AB, and in the last seven years, out of our home based studio in Victoria BC.  I am fortunate to have the ocean and old growth forests nearby for inspiration, as well an abundance of talented artists who also call Victoria home. 

In the studio, the pure process of creating, making, playing, building layers, moving paint around, making marks and scratching surfaces is deeply fulfilling. Though acrylics, oils, formal elements and the intuitive response of the painting process, I explore the human experience, the everyday, connection and simple beauty.  I have always admired the courage that many Abstract Expressionist’s held and the artwork of painters Mark Rothko, Egon Schiele and Betty Goodwin. 

My work has been displayed across Western Canada in various public and private collections.

andrea soos

Andrea Soos is a mixed media artist and art educator.  After graduating from the University of Victoria with a BFA in Fine Arts, Andrea began a career in community building through teaching art classes, workshops and hosting creative retreats.  Andrea has shared her passion of art with students of all ages.  Currently teaching at her own studio, Poppet, Andrea has been lucky enough to continuously evolve styles, mediums, and techniques while maintaining a process based practice.

sinan soykut

I'm a self-taught artist and have been paper sculpting for about a year. Prior to that I was engaged in a decade long string of one-off crafts.

Initially I was drawn to paper as a medium for sculpting because I had little money for materials and only a computer desk to work at. After making a few sculptures, I became fascinated by act of transforming two-dimensional planes into three-dimensional curves. Trying to visualize the desired curvature of the paper, and where to cut it to make that happen is like unfolding a hollow object in your mind, so that you can re-fold it with your hands. It is a difficult and rewarding process.

We all have arbitrary rulesets for creation, one of mine is that the paper is all hand-cut, and only the edges are glued together. This means that in order to create complex curves, the paper must be carefully cut and curved to give the impression of curvature in multiple dimensions. The other way to to do this would be to make a paper-slurry and pour it into a mold, but then you would be sculpting with whatever your positive mold material is instead of sculpting in paper :)

I try to use technique and composition in a complimentary manner, with compositions tailored to the limitations and advantages of the medium. The delicate and humble nature of paper makes it ideal for sculpture surrounding ideas of fragility and tenuous balance.

zandra stratford

Zandra  Stratford  is  a  West  Coast  abstract  painter  whose  work  is continually evolving. Her pieces lay a foundation of earthy neutrals, laying strata after strata of floral colours as a counterpoint to industrial textures, and this overlaid with confident horizontal structures.

Employing a kind of subconscious semiotic, she works in muted tones punctuated by semi-symbols, almost recognizable repeating characters as though conveying a disrupted signal, or dream-remembered language.

Preferring large canvases and panoramic birch panels, she uses gradual iterations of monochrome, encircling strong statements of negative space, like a treeline emerging from fog.

Stratford studied printmaking at the Victoria College of Art, after more than a decade’s experience as an advertising Art Director. This informs her work’s cadence, graphic sensibility and declarative confidence.