Integrate Arts Festival

AUGUST 25TH - 27TH, 2017

integrate headquarters

636 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 3V2
Festival Hours: FRI. 7-10PM | SAT. 11AM-9PM | SUN. 12-4PM

Join us at our pop-up gallery located in the Bay Centre, with street level access on Fort St. by the fountain and Crabtree & Evelyn. The festivities begin with our opening reception on Friday August 26th and continue all weekend with various workshops and activities. See and experience the art of artists and performers who call Victoria home. Visit our Artists Page for more information on who will be featured in the HQ Gallery.

art gallery of greater victoria

1040 Moss Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 4P1
Festival Hours: SAT. 10AM-5PM |

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is a non-profit public art gallery. The city's go-to for great art, great people and thought-provoking conversations. The Gallery features contemporary and historical art by local, national and international artists, with the largest public collection in the province. We provide a range of public programs for all ages with the intention to inspire, provoke and challenge, which also includes an exciting line-up of multi-disciplinary studio classes and workshops.

cascadia architects

1060 Meares St, Victoria BC, V8V 3J6
Festival Hours: SAT. 1-5PM

Cascadia Architects was formed by Principal Architects Gregory Damant and Peter Johannknecht. The spirit of the firm grows from three simple ideas: creative collaboration is fun; beautiful surroundings enhance our daily lives; and it is the role of the architect to weave together the needs and resources of the client, the community, and the natural environment to create spaces that are elegantly functional and uplifting. We are interested in working in new ways - collaborating across traditional professional boundaries to assist our clients in identifying and realizing their aspirations and the best results for their projects.

commercial alley art gallery

Located between the 500 block of Yates St. and Bastion Square.
Festival Hours: SAT. 6-9PM

The City of Victoria’s partnership with the Open Space Arts Society has transformed Commercial Alley’s busy thoroughfare into an accessible, outdoor public art gallery for the past four years. Commercial Alley will be the site of a four-panel installation created by a local artist selected by the Open Space Program Committee, the City of Victoria Art in Public Places Committee, and the Victoria Youth Empowerment Society. It will be showcased from August 2016 to August 2017, and launched during the Integrate Arts Festival.

Founded in September 1972, Open Space is a non-profit artist-run centre located in Victoria, BC. As an exhibition and performance centre, Open Space reflects the wide diversity of contemporary art practices in Victoria, across Canada, and beyond. Our commitment to contemporary artists is an inclusive environment, embracing work by artists of different disciplines, media, generations, cultures, and communities.

copper owl

1900 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T 4K8
Festival Hours: SAT. 9PM-2AM

A vintage venue located above the historic Paul's Motor Inn in downtown Victoria, the Copper Owl showcases live local and touring bands, hosts art-related events, a variety of dance nights, performance art, comedy, literary events, knitting socials, karaoke, fundraisers, private events and more! Serving local craft beer, wine, cider, & premium mixed drinks, we strive to provide a high quality, unique experience of the best Victoria has to offer, in the spirit of community and culture. 


the fifty fifty arts collective

2516 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 4M1
Festival Hours: SAT. 6-10PM

The fifty fifty is a non-profit DIY artist space and gallery, organized and operated by a small group of volunteer members that work to promote the independent arts scene through on and off-site events throughout the Victoria area.

habit coffee (chinatown location)

552 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC, V8W 1N7
Festival Hours: SAT. 2-6PM

Artists Ross Macaulay and Marlaina Buch will be displaying their show titled Yackety Sax at the Chinatown location of Habit during the festival. Yackety Sax is a goofy jazz instrumental that opened Benny Hill's long running sketch comedy show. The piece is often used in film and television as a soundtrack to chase scenes and buffoonery. This show is a shout out to silliness, simple as that. 

Habit was founded on the idea that coffee can be better - not just in terms of a drinkable product, but in terms of every step that coffee takes from seep to cup. Before ever building a location or making a menu, we worked hard to find partners that share our vision of ethical, responsible, and community-based business practices and a focus on quality in every detail.

legacy art gallery

630 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1K9
Festival Hours: SAT. 10AM-4PM & 6-9PM

Join Legacy for a printmaking activity! Based on the Legacy Art Gallery Downtown’s current exhibition, Out of the Frame: Salish Printmaking and inspired by Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas’ image Salmon Spirits, this printmaking activity explores Thomas’ use of the tessallation image giving the visitor the opportunity to try their hand at this mathematical approach to image-making.

The Legacy Art Gallery Downtown is the University of Victoria's primary art gallery space. The Legacy Art Galleries are a lively and engaging centre for art that is easily accessible to the community and features rotating exhibitions drawn primarily from the University Art Collection which consists of over 19,000 art objects which support the teaching and research programs of the University. Free to enjoy!

Liberté Gallery

1122 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC, V8W 2H6
Festival Hours: SAT. 10AM-5PM | SUN. 11AM-5PM

Liberté Gallery is owned and operated by artist Soleil Mannion and features a number of local artists as well as Soleil's oil paintings. 

limbic media

740 Discovery Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 1H2
Festival Hours: SAT. 6-10PM

Limbic Media is a transdisciplinary team of artist-engineers with a passion for technology and the arts. For the past 10 years we have utilized a diverse set of technological and design skills to create unique and innovative installations and experiences. We were recently honoured as VIATeC Awards Finalists for Technical Innovation in Hardware. Limbic Media designs public art that is truly interactive - living, dynamic systems that are influenced by public participation. Welcome to Art Against the Ordinary. 

G++ Interactive Media Gallery was Canada's first exclusively interactive media gallery and one of the first in the world. It will re-open on August 27th, 2016 as part of the Integrate Arts Festival

madrona gallery

606 View Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1J4
Festival Hours: FRI. 7-9PM | SAT. 10AM-6PM | SUN. 10AM-6PM

Madrona Gallery is pleased to present Morgana Wallace's third solo exhibition, Chronos. Wallace is a Victoria based artist who creates finely detailed mixed media collages of mythic characters and creatures. Each piece is exquisitely assembled from textured papers and water colour painting to create a layered, three dimensional image. In this collection Wallace draws inspiration from 19th century science-fiction novels to create a richly textured vision of alternate futures.

Madrona Gallery is an historic and contemporary fine art gallery serving the community of Victoria and the surrounding area. The Gallery showcases art from both established and emerging Canadian artists to local and international visitors to Victoria. Madrona Gallery prides itself on providing a welcoming environment to new and established art collectors alike.


market square

560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
Festival Hours: SUN. 12-4PM

One of the city’s oldest landmarks, Market Square is centrally located in downtown Victoria. Just one block south of Chinatown and an easy 5-10 minute walk from the Inner Harbour.  A “must see” for visitors on vacation; a regular stop for locals enjoying some of the best shopping and dining in the city!

pedalbox gallery

Look out for PedalBox Gallery in various locations during the festival!
Festival Hours: SAT. 10AM-10PM | SUN. 11AM-2:30PM

PedalBox is a mobile bike cart Gallery. It's an innovative and sustainable platform to display art. We enjoying hosting artists (but aren't limited to) those who experiment with a variety of mediums, creating sculpture, installation, interactive and performance based work. The Gallery is towed around town, sharing art with the general public. Most of our viewers weren't planning on going to a gallery that day. PedalBox pushes the boundaries around the idea of public space, and promotes cycling. We are dedicated to paying artists and creating an accessible and welcoming environment for the general public to experience local art.

poppet creative

1508 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K2
Festival Hours: SUN. 1-2PM

Poppet Creative is a community space meant to bring creatives together for art classes, workshops, craft nights and events. Built out of years of teaching in Victoria, Andrea Soos is excited to curate incredible local talent as artists and educators.

robert bateman centre

470 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W9
Festival Hours: SAT. 10AM-5PM |

The Robert Bateman Centre is a not-for-profit and national charity that inspires a relationship with Nature through the lens of Art. The Centre is home to Robert Bateman's largest permanent collection of artwork spanning seven decades. Robert’s art shows the beauty and particularity of nature and the need to protect it. Our new Temporary Gallery is home to rotating exhibits highlighting local and nature-centred artists. This summer come and experience our new cultural exhibit, Resilence of the People: a visual history of the traditional territories of the Songhees and Lekwungen peoples. By engaging with maps, drawings, artifacts, and unique photographs, visitors will discover the complexities of the lands around them, and see the First Nations’ resilient relationship to ancestral resources up to the present day. Traditional knowledge of species, habitats and customs are highlighted from the Gorge Waterway through to Beacon Hill Park, from Oak Bay to Discovery & Chatham Islands.

rock bay square

2614 Bridge St, Victoria, BC V8T 4S9
Festival Hours: SAT. 3-9PM | SUN. 11AM-2PM

Rock Bay Square is a unique building with 57 units housing a wide variety of local artisans and craftspeople. The tenants of Rock Bay Square form a diverse and skilled creative community that is always buzzing with activity. We are located near downtown Victoria in the light industrial area of Rock Bay.

Festival participants will have the opportunity to tour six artist studios within Rock Bay Square:

  • #216b Susan Geddes - I have my paintings at Rock Bay Square and have a small studio where I create most days.  This space is a supportive and fun environment as there are five of us who share a common area and can meet to discuss work and run ideas past each other. I hang work up on my studio walls and peruse them while deciding if they are finished or not.  I am very luck to have north light flooding my space and because it is north facing it stays cool and comfortable. I welcome people to come to Rock Bay Square on Bridge Street, please come and check out our comfortable and accessible spaces.
  • #216c Lynda Lombardi - encaustic artist and photographer. Encaustic is an ancient art form made of a mixture of beeswax and damar. This is pigmented with oil paints and dry pigments.  Used in a variety of techniques including photo transfers, mixed media and painting as with oil or acrylic. Encaustic medium is used in a molten state and each layer is heated to fuse to the layer below.  Once cured, encaustic is more archival than oil or acrylic and will not fade. 
  • #216e The Secret Nest - The Secret Nest is the studio of artist Karina Kalvaitis. Located in the rather rabbit warren-like Rock Bay Square building it is the headquarters of her imaginary animal creation facilities. At just over 100 square feet, it is probably one of the smaller studios you'll ever visit. For Integrate it will be turned into a cabinet of curiosities - displaying her latest creature sculptures and drawings. Throughout Karina's artistic career animals have remained a theme, from them she finds inspiration and a connection to the emotional world. Her work explores the truth of our struggles and triumphs, revealing the beauty inherent in vulnerability.
  • #222 Now Studios (Ed Kennedy & Angela Bone) - stained glass art. 
    One evening many years ago, while playing a board game with my neighbours, I was given the task of making a wish.  The wish that I heard myself making was, “I wish I had more wonder in my life.”  I have been watching that wish come true. When I received the key to this studio door I walked into an empty room with a window, and  it has been filled with possibility and magic.  It is a dream come true. I have been working with glass for many years and it has been wonder full.
  • #308 Blue Otter Furniture & Christina Hilborne - Studio 308 in Rock Bay Square is home to Blue Otter Furniture and the designs of Christina Hilborne. Blue Otter produces wonderful rustic solid wood tables, benches and more, often incorporating live edge timber. Christina creates furniture, home accents and lighting, ranging in style from sleekly contemporary to repurposed rustic.  

ruse pop-up gallery (the atrium)

800 Yates St., Victoria, BC V8W 1L8
Festival Hours: FRI. 6-10PM | SAT. 12-5PM | SUN. 12-5PM

ruse: an action intended to deceive someone; a trick; a stratagem; an illusion

Art has a history with illusion; the act of representation itself has often been interpreted as an attempt to re-present ‘reality’ in a different medium or form.  Art, in the areas of visual arts, theatre, performance, film and music attempts to re-create experience.  The artist could be said to be a magician, who intends to create some sense of illusion or ambiguity in their work and in the world. Ruse also engages both personal and political dimensions - colonialism, capitalism, feminism, all have moments in history where marginalized groups have been deceived, quite deliberately.  And then there are the moments when we deceive ourselves; there are fallacies we are told and the lies we tell ourselves.  At moments, we engage in illusion quite willingly, perhaps joyfully - we attend the circus, magic shows, read fairy tales and other forms of fiction, listen to music and attend exhibitions, all of which, on one hand, create illusions, while at the same time revealing deep truths about ourselves and the world.

Ruse is pop-up exhibition of 13 contemporary artists taking place at the Atrium August 26th-28th as part of the Integrate Arts Festival. Artists include:

sierra club of bc (bcgeu building)

Atrium of the BCGEU Building, 2994 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4
Festival Hours: SAT. 12-7PM

Sierra Club BC will be presenting Wondrous:  Photography from the Great Bear Rainforest by Andrew S. Wright and others during the Integrate Arts Festival. Sierra Club will be offering drinks by donation to Sierra Club BC, as well as Recycle Art button-making as a free activity. Make your own one-of-a-kind buttons! Upcycle old magazines and promo materials into wearable art.

Sierra Club BC works to defend B.C.’s wild places and species, within the urgent context of climate change. We advocate for a rapid shift away from fossil fuels to a low carbon, equitable economy. We work to inspire British Columbians to value nature and to defend it. In particular, we focus on children and youth to foster environmental literacy and to encourage the environmental leaders of tomorrow. Sierra Club BC relies on science-based research and peaceful, democratic means to advocate for change. Our vision is an ecologically sustainable province, which integrates human and economic activity, while conserving the province’s wilderness and biodiversity values.

studio robazzo

2001F Douglas St., Victoria, BC V8T 4K9
Festival Hours: SAT. 6-10PM

Studio Robazzo is a multi-disciplinary design studio focused on fostering a future which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. Working with reclaimed materials to solve a variety of local problems, these designers can tackle just about anything from graphic design & brand identity to industrial design, interior design, product design and installation art. Stop by the 3,000 sq.ft Studio on Douglas St. for a taste of the creative wonderland that is Studio Robazzo, while enjoying works by featured festival artist Roy Green.

theatre skam's pop-up live theatre series

636 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 3V2 (Just outside of Integrate HQ!)
Festival Hours: FRI. 7-10PM | SAT. 12-3PM

Theatre SKAM is a small, professional theatre company, dedicated to creating immersive and unique theatre experiences. This summer, we are proud to introduce our Pop-Up Live Theatre Series. Our Pop-Up is a black box theatre, operating on the back of a pick-up truck. Inside, you will find 6 theatre seats, and a lighting grid. We currently operate the Pop-Up at a variety of markets and parks in the City of Victoria, presenting original, short pieces by local artists, and catering to what we lovingly call "small-batch entertainment." 

Check out our Facebook page or website (currently under construction) to keep track of us, and see where we'll be popping up next!

For more information about Theatre SKAM's upcoming season, or to book the Pop-Up, email