Sponsor - Brickyard Pizza

 Brickyard Pizza is a local pizzeria located on Yates Street.  Probably the best way to describe Brickyard is by listening to their fans:

"There is no pizza place like it. Craft Beer, Martini’s, Wine for the Lady! Heard they are doing fresh made pasta in the evening very soon!!!! Oh my god the goodness!"

"I was in town on a business trip staying across the street and stopped in on a whim. I live in San Francisco and travel a lot to New York and Chicago and I must say the Brickyard is on par with the best!"

"Whenever a small place like Brickyard makes fresh, locally sustainable and delicious fresh out of the oven food and is coupled with Phillips Beer, how could a person NOT love it? Truly delicious."

So take the advice of these fans and head over to Brickyard for a slice! 

They also host cosplay nights every month, so definitely check those out!

We are so happy to have such a loved local business as a sponsor for Integrate 2013!