Fuse is an initiative that provides an opportunity for an independent curator or organization each year to program a small art exhibition or performance during the the Integrate Arts Festival.

The primary purpose of Fuse is to build capacity for emerging individuals or groups outside of Integrate to contribute new programming to the city of Victoria. All Fuse projects are located in public spaces where anyone can access the art displayed or performed. Engagement with the public is a key component of this initiative.

Through Fuse, Integrate’s goal is to encourage a culture of creation within our region, to embed everyday spaces with public art, to support the perspectives and visions of new voices, and to provide professional development for artists and curators.


Garden City Electronic Music Society:
Decay, Renewal, Reconciliation

In the centre of town, a forgotten lot, buildings in decay, but a space pregnant with renewal. A patch of grass and an old tree reach out from gravel, concrete and brick, remnants of a previous cycle. 

In this place, the Garden City Electronic Music Society will present a multi-media program featuring electronic music, video art and an interactive LED light installation, exploring themes of urban decay, renewal and reconciliation. 

“In physics, decay is not a consequence of death but its harbinger. Decay here refers to the dissipation of energy and the arrival of entropy within the system of motion. Think, for example, of the amplitude of an oscillating mechanical or electromagnetic wave, which, without the input of energy, will suffer gradual diminution, finally arriving at a still point. This is decay as a condition of expenditure and dissipation: the decrease in the radioactivity of a substance, or the smoothing of the geomorphology of the earth’s surface. Corrosion, for example, is a form of electrochemical decay in which certain base metals - including iron, tin, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, copper - and their alloys gradually disintegrate when exposed for prolonged periods to moisture and air.” 

- Stephen Cairns, Jane M. Jacobs 

  “Buildings Must Die: A Perverse View of Architecture” 2014. 


The Memory Palace is an exploration of ethereal sounds. loss of memory, decay.  The outside world through an open window or filtered through a building’s ventilation.  Distant rumbling of trains carried by the humid air of an early summer morning.  Performing as The Memory Palace, Dan Kibke is a sound manipulator interested in improvisation using modular synthesizers, field recordings, and bio feedback systems.  He has been involved in audio art for over 20 years releasing several CDs and performing live with Ejaculation Death Rattle, G42 and Torture Chamber Choir in Canada, the US and Japan.

Emma Tomic uses hand built analog electronic video synthesizers to create a cascading waterfall of colours and patterns. Emma will be working collaboratively with The Memory Palace for the evening’s visual design.  Come surf the retro futuristic landscape.  

Cascadia Sound is a live performance project of Chris Rozek and David Bodrug, fusing found sounds from the regions of Cascadia with modular and analogue synthesis. The resulting sonic palette is a paradox of organic sounds emerging from industrial electronics, like green space emerging from the cracks in old concrete. 

Dub Gnostic has been active in the BC electronic music scene since 1997, and was the first artist in BC to push the new variants of electronic dub coming out of Berlin at that time. Dub Gnostic has released music on Woodwork Recordings and Mosaic Records UK.  Dub Gnostic will open the evening and bridge between live performances with DJd music with ambient, experimental and abstract dub.


Date: Friday, August 24th. 7pm to 10pm 

Location: Behind 833 Fort Street

Schedule: 7pm to 9pm: dub gnostic
(ambient and abstract dub, video)

9pm to 10pm: Emma Tomic and Dan Kibke
(modular synthesis, video, LED Light)