Gallery - The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria first opened in 1951 in the historic 1889 mansion that is now attached to its modern gallery space. With almost 17,000 works of art, the Art Gallery has the largest public collection in BC and is an active part of Victoria's artist community.

The Art Gallery's Mandate/Purpose as outlined in it's Constitution is:

  • to establish, and preserve collections of the arts and crafts which are held in trust for the benefit of current and future generations; and to display these collections;
  • to create a receptive field for artists and their work;
  • to provide, in addition to the primary emphasis on the collection and presentation of the visual arts, public programs such as lecture, recitals of artistic, musical and other works of cultural merit; and
  • to provide and manage facilities for the appreciation and study of the visual arts.

The AGGV actively promotes local artists, as well as Victoria's European and First Nation's artistic legacies, and engages with youth both in and outside the classroom to promote the arts.

We are incredibly excited to have the AGGV on board for Integrate 2013!