Gallery Feature: Outerspace Gallery

OuterSpace is a contemporary art gallery housed in a customized cube van. Yes, a cube van! How amazing is that?! A small, personal exhibition space with a reach not accessible by brick and mortar galleries, the flexibility of this gallery space allows for pop-up shows and honest immersion within the community. 

Outerspace exhibits challenging & pioneering artwork by emerging and mid-career artists and their scale and mobility allow them to push boundaries beyond the ordinary or obvious. They also maintain a strong emphasis on the importance of artist books and conceptual collaborative art projects and their partnership with Anteism Publishing helps to document the work of the artists they show and benefit their careers by reaching a larger international audience. 

Visit Outerspace gallery online at and be sure to visit their exhibition of Ben Van Netten's large scale work taking place during the 8th Annual Integate Arts Festival! You will be able to find the cube van mobile art gallery at 1112 Wharf St. on Friday, August 15th and at the Play on Words Festival (more on this exciting event in a future blog post! ) on Saturday, August 16th at the Victoria Public Library. Also follow Outerspace Gallery on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on this innovative exhibition space! Also be sure to join anad share Outerspace's Facebook event created for the festival, here.

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