Sponsor - Bubby Rose Bakery

Begun in 2002, Bubby Rose's Bakery is a local business located in Fairfield with award winning cinnamon rolls and sticky buns!  With two hands-on owners originally from Montreal, this bakery aims to welcome their customers into their"home" as "guests" and accommodate any preferences and dietary demands! Yes that means they have gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options! As they state on their website: "Our vision is dynamic, borne of . . . a desire to create simply delicious comfort food."

Alongside their bakery skills, they also are an active part of Victoria's community contributing to fundraising for local schools, theatre, arts, and environmental groups, as well as being active participants in the annual Swiftsure Race's healthy breakfast program and the Victoria Tea Festival.  This year we are excited to have them on board as a sponsor for Integrate 2013!