Gallery Feature: The Makehouse

The Makehouse is a store, a studio, a workshop space, a gallery, and a school all in one and all with a creative twist. Offering workshops like how to make a bowtie, bamboo shorts, and accent cushions, The Makehouse truly has something to offer everyone. If you're not interested in honing your crafting and/or sewing skills and would rather purchase some pre-handmade awesome, pop by the shop to see a gallery of goods by a very talented group of creative people.

We're so excited this exciting and unique space is going to be part of the 8th Annual Integrate Arts Festival! Be sure to visit The Makehouse and learn how to make something beautiful with your own two hands!

Visit The Makehouse at 833 1/2 Fort Street, call them at 778-432-2294 or visit them online at

They're also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and have a fabulous blog featuring all the latest Makehouse news and events.