Gallery Feature: Templed Mind

Templed Mind is an art gallery and much much more. A self-described "Lifestyle Studio", Templed Mind offers a long and lovely landscape of workshops, classes, exhibitions, and creative gatherings in the domains of art, nutrition and individual growth.

Templed Mind defines a Lifestyle Studio as: "... a collaborative space for diverse crafts and mixed-mastery, to teach and learn how to optimize our lives, enhance our curiosity, and stimulate our creativity for growing collectively." What a marvelous concept.

At Templed Mind, you can expect to find everything from yoga, tai chi, accupressure, cooking classes, music gigs, art studio space, art exhibitions of local painting and photography, and more. Visit this eclectic space at 2006 Fernwood Rd. or online at to find out how it can assist your life creatively, nutritionally, and/or spiritually.